Monday, October 02, 2006

Playoffs 2006

Its been a long season but the best part has arived , the playoffs. Heres how things finished out....
AL -
Yankees and Oakland won the respective divisions. In the central Detroit fell and fell hard. After being swept by KC the last 3 games of the season , The Tigers will go as the wildcard and the Twins will represent the central.

Yankees vs. Tigers / A's vs. Twins

I like the Yankees to sweep it quick unless Johnson throws another stinker and they need 4 to win. I like the Twins in a long series. Seems like the Yankees - Twins have been on track to face up all year..

NL -
The Mets clinched a few weeks ago. The Cardinals did there best to give it away but managed to hold on and back in from the central. Out west the Dodgers and Padres finished with the same record , however with a better head-to-head record the Padres will represent the west with the Dodgers going in as the wildcard.

Mets vs. Dodgers / Padres vs. Cardinals

I like the Mets to win in 4 games. It might take 5 if they dont win the first game. I like the Padres over the Card's. The Cardinals have been so bad, the only way they could win would be a 'Puljos night'. I think the Pad's have played well lately and I dont see that changing.


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