Monday, October 09, 2006

8 more wins....

The first round is over ... The Cards beat out the Padre's in 4 and the Mets swept the Dodgers. The A's swept the Twins and the Tigers knocked down the 'best team money can buy' Yankees. Its was nice to see the high proced Yankee bats go flat. Even if they wanted to change the team up they couldnt. Theres too much money invovled. Maybee Sheffield is gone. Maybee you figure out a way to trade ARod. Thats about it...

A's vs Tigers
Mets vs Cardinals

I like the A's in a long 7 game series. Both teams have solid pitching..
I like the Mets in 5. They are just better the St Louis. I give Puljols one game..


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