Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Nevin Traded To Cubs

Phil Nevin (formerly of Texas) was traded to the Cubs today. Texas got back Jerry Hairston , a secondbaseman, in return. This is basically to help give the Cubs have someone to play at firstbase this year while Lee recovers. While Nevin is known as a slugger , he wont increase his numbers at Wrigley. This is a small step to try to save the Cubs season. It might be too late to save the sinking ship. Honestly, I dont know what the Cubs should do. They dont want to rebuild with hopes of Prior and Wood coming back , but who knows when these often injured guys will be 100% (if ever). Maybee rebuilding wouldnt be so bad... Another tough year for Cub fans.....

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Bonds is now alone at #2. He hit #715 today. It seems like a such a struggle for Bonds these days but he is one of the oldest players in the game. I hope he hangs on and doesnt go out with a wimper but rather a bang.. Like him or not, Bonds is one of the all time greats.

Lets Play 2

 Whats the story with all the extra inning games this year ? Last night the Pirates and 'Stros played a doubleheader. Not one that was planned though. The game went 18. Any extra inning game is tough for both teams. Using the full bench and clearing out the bullpen can mess up your team for a week. When it goes that long into extra innings, it hurts when you dont get the win. Todays Pitt-Houstin game went 10. Honorable mention goes to Pittsburgh's Jason Bay. A homer in six consecutive games. Bay is a top hitter in the league (not to mention another Met prospect who got away).

Saturday, May 27, 2006

1/4 Mark (AL)

Memorial day weekend is usally the first time you really look at the standings. You can start to take a look at the shape of things and even say a few teams are 'done' allready. This is also when the trade winds start to swirl a little for the first time, allthough it doesnt really kick in until July 4th. Its good to see more games on the holidays this year as compared to the past few. Lets take a look at how things stand so far after about 1/4 of the season in the books..


East- Boston looks solid, Yankees fighting injuries and Toronto hanging tough. Not really too much different than expected here. This may be the year the Yankees dont make it with age and injuries. Winner take all. No wildcard coming from the east this year.

West- Texas is the only team over 500. Oakland is usally tough in the 2nd half. It may be too far to come back for the Angles this year. LA is the suprise here. I like the A's to go on a run.

Central- Detroit may be the real deal. We know the Sox are with there great pitching ang sluggers. The big suprise here is Cleveland. Many thought they would be the favorite this year but it may be too big a whole to climb out of in a tough division. Should be fun to watch.

Favorites.... Boston,Chicago,Oakland,Detroit....
Still Tough.... NY,Cleveland,Toronto,Texas and LA
Done...... KC (more coming soon ! )

I'll go over the NL tomorrow.....

Friday, May 26, 2006

Barrett Will Sit 10 Games

Cubs catcher Michael Barrett was suspended for 10 games today by MLB. Barrett punched White Sox catcher AJ Pierzynski as he crossed the plate in a game last week. It wasnt even a hard hit at the plate. It almost looked like 'roid rage to me. The punch led to a bench clearing brawl and a a few other players and coaches got games off too (nothing like Barrett's 10). Pierzynski got a fine. Barrett deserves every bit of the 10 games. It was a cheap shot. Another blow to the Cubs who are having a terrible year. Its hard when more than one of your top players is on the DL. You cant rebuild and you cant move forward, you just try to hold above water until your team is more healthy. I dont think manager Dusty Baker will be back after this year. No need for a top manager when your going down.

Dodger Blue Out West

The Dodgers are starting to heat up. Over the past few years they have dealt with many injuries and bad trades but all that is in the past now. Solid veterans and strong pitching has got LA back on top in the west. The only thing keeping SF above 500 is Bonds. Arizona may be playing above there heads and San Diego is a solid team but probably not much better than 500. This could be the year the west goes Dodger blue. Penny has been a good starter coming over from the Marlins. Baez has helped hold the pen together and if Gagne comes back close to his old self they should be good to go on the back end. Even often injured Nomar Garciapara has done well this early season , keeping healthy for the first time in a while. Lets hope they can keep the veterans healthy in Hollywood.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mets Win In 16

Last night the Mets beat the Phillies 9-8 in 16 innings. This had to be the longest game of the year. Probably over 5 hours. The Phillies had a pitcher , Madson, come out of the pen and go seven scoreless innings. This guy was impressive in the loss. Again the Mets bullpen was good after the starting pitching was bad. When your in an extra innings game like that , its important to get the win. Yea its only one game but after blowing out the pen and exaushting all the players , you dont wont to come away from that feel down about the loss. It can hurt your team for a week. Carlos Beltran hit another homer in the 16th to win it. Mr Beltran is having a great season this year. Alot better than his below average year last season.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Kazmir Wins #7 / Met Fans Cry

Devil Ray's pitcher Scott Kazmir won his 7th game of the year today. He struck out 11 (matching a career high). He is the youngest player to win 7 games this early in the season since Fernando Valenzuela in 1981. This kid can pitch. Curt Schilling of the Red Sox said 'once this kid gets his control down, he will be untouchable'. Its always nice to see a good pitcher coming up.
The thing that will allways bother me is that Kazmir was once the Mets "untouchable top prospect". He was called a "cant miss" while he was coming up in the Mets system. He would not be traded for anyone. Not even Vlad Guerrero (who was the mvp his first year in Anaheim). Then a year or so later , the Mets with manager Art Howe and pitching coach Peterson (along with management) , decided Kazmir would not be a decent pitcher. Peterson preferred pitchers who had time in college. The Mets were close to 500 but in no way were they going to compete for even a wildcard. The genius' in Met land trade Kazmir for who ??? Victor Zambrano of Tampa Bay. The guys coming off elbow problems. Turns out he never recovered from his injuries back then. He was damaged goods coming to the Mets. This turns out to be one of the worst trades in not only Met history , baseball history. After a few years of bad pitching and the Mets having to throw him out there, trying not to look bad as Peterson tries to work his so called mojo,well as we all know Zambrano walked off the mound with bad injuries and probably wont pitch again for the Mets. Even with the Mets starting pitching problems , its still beter Zambrano is out of the picture in NY for good.
Scott Kazmir will probably go on to be a huge star , signing for big money with the Yankees or Red Sox in a few years. Power to him but it still hurts all Met fans....

Detroit Shuffle

Are the Tigers for real ? They just may be. I watched todays Tigers-Reds game, a 1-0 'pitchers duel' win. First thing , the park out there in Detroit is big. Seemed like the centerfield was huge. At first I thought the centerfielder was just playing shallow. Turns out theres alot of room out there. Smart move making a pitchers park instead of a bandbox. I also like the Tigers young pitching. The guy I watched today, Robertson, looked real good goin 7+. Honorable mention goes to Harang of Cinci. He pitched well in a tough-luck loss going the distance. A huge plus for Detroit this year is there manager. Old School Jim Leyland. I remember the days seeing Mr Leyland puffing cigs in the back of the dugout. Old or new school , he can manage. After the Tigers went into there first slump of the year , a few weeks back, Leyland held a meeting and said something like 'maybee this stuff (losing) went on in the past, but not anymore'. Im sure there was a few R-rated words in there too. I think the team got the message. I still think they are going to fall short in the end due to a tough division , but hopefully the Tigers will keep winning and push the other wildcard teams down the stretch.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bonds and the Babe

Barry did it. He hit his 714th homer and is now tied with the Babe for 2nd all time. The rest of this year will be about staying healthy and distancing himself at #2. You may see Bonds sit out more than his usuall day game after a night game , extra rest now with less presure.

Time to focus on team. I know many people will say the record is fake, it comes from drugs, and an asterik is needed. I dont deny the use of the roids . On this day , I congratulate Mr Bonds. This is something we may not see again for a while. Barry Bonds is one of the greatest players of all time. I'll let history decided how to judge him . Im going to sit back and enjoy the game.

'Stro Sits For Hitting Bonds

Russ Springer of the Astro's got a 4 game suspension for hitting Bonds the other night. Manager Phil Garner got a game off himself and also a fine. I didnt see the game but I did see the highlights. Springer is a low life. He tried to hit Bonds 3 times and even after he was warned. This was in a blowout game too. Im old school and feel a pitcher has every right to dust back a player or even hit a player on occasion after a big homerun. However this was just garbage for Springer. Maybee you hit Bonds a few years ago but now he wont beat you unless you let him. I dont like it nowadays when umps warn both teams after a hit batter. Maybee if there was no DH things would be different. Like I said, Im all for brushing a player back or even hitting a player after a big homer (expect your player to get hit though) , but in a blowout just finish it up. Springer deserves what he got.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Time For Another Subway Series

Its just about time for another subway series in NY. Interleague play starts up again tomorrow. I love the Mets-Yankees games. They are for the fans. Im a big fan of interleague play. It spices things up and gives the fans something to have fun with. Bring it on !

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

AL Central

 Im still a big fan of the Indians but it looks like the Chi Sox and there great starting pitching are starting to move away from the pack. The White Sox  starting pitching is good 1-5. This is the main reason they won last year and will be right there again this year. Honorable mention goes to the Tigers. While Im not sold on Detroit for the long haul , they have managed to stay right with the Sox. If the White Sox ever manage to get a top closer , watch out , they will be tough to beat ( I should say tougher) .

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fantasy Question

 Ive been asked a few times about what to do with Bonds in your fantasy league. I personaly have him myself so I thought I would share my wisdom on this. If you have a league that is set for the week , dont use him unless you have to. If you have a league that you can change daily , you should use him. Just keep an eye on the day games after night games when Bonds sits out. Make sure you have a decent backup to slide in there for him too. Its helps to have your backup on a west coast team so the start times are usally the same as the Giants. Barry can still help you with walks and runs. Just dont count on him for homers.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Maybee The Umps Need Replay ?

Whats with the umps this year ? I have seen so many bad calls this season. More than other seasons and its only May. Maybee its a New York thing ? Ive seen a Yankee game with a young ump doing a terrible job with balls and strikes. A little league ump could have done a better job. Ive seen a terrible call on Kaz Matsui of the Mets, getting called out on a pitch way over his head. And just tonight in Milwaukee , there was an incredibly bad call on a home run by Fielder . Then later in the game Mets reliever Sanchez was tossed for hitting a batter in a tie game. The best umps are the ones you never notice. I know it wont work for balls and strikes , but maybee replay on a home run wouldnt be such a bad thing ?

Pujols Hits # 19

Card's slugger Albert Pujols hit his 19th homer of the season. It took him only 37 games to do it too - a new record. The past record to 19 was 40 games. Ive said it before and I'll say it again and again. This guy is a monster. I still cant belive the teams dont just walk him every time , like Bonds during his big years. It wont be much longer. Soon he will get the walk everytime as he deserves. Who knows , maybee Pujols will chase Ruth , Marris , Sosa , Mac and Bonds this year. Even in a much improved central division , Pujols is the main reason St Louis will probably come out on top again this year.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Classy Matsui Apologizes For Injury

Hideki Matsui issued an apology after his surgery today to repair his broken wrist. Matsui , a class act, apologized to the fans and teammates for letting them down with his injury. Then he goes on to praise and thank Joe Torre "from the bottom of my heart" for being considerate of his consecutive game streak. In a time of ballplayers only caring about money , Matsui has been a standout, a man's man , representing the Yankees , New York , MLB and his home Japan with honor and class. If he doesnt make it back this year , Im sure he will be swinging the bat again next spring.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lidge Blows Another (almost)

Astros closer Brad Lidge gave up a run in the ninth tonight and had to be pulled before he could close out the game. Dan Wheeler was called in to close it up and get the save. Lidge seems to still be hurting from his blown saves in the playoffs last year. This guy was on top of the NL just a year and a half ago. I still think Lidge will regain his form but I dont see the 'Stros making the playoffs this year. The NL central is very deep and Houston has a tough road ahead.

The Streak Is Over / Another Yankee Goes Down

Tonight Hideki Matsui's streak of playing in 518 consecutive games came to an end. Matsui's hurt his wrist in the 1st inning of tonights game and had to leave the game. Many of his games were playing in Japan. He played every game he has been a yankee. Some will say this was kinda like a 'tiger slam' . Because of the games played in Japan. It takes a tough player to play everyday and continue to put up numbers like Matsui. Hopefully he wont miss many games because the Yankees all of the sudden need all the help they can get.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Unit - Not So Big

 Last night, after giving up 7 runs in 3.33 innings , Randy Johnson said " I can't remember the last time I pitched a good ballgame". Im sure he can remember the last time he cashed a check from Boss Steinbrenner. Sorry Randy, you will have your day in Cooperstown, but your time in the game is about over.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sheff on the DL

Yankee Gary Sheffield went on the DL today. His wrist has still not healed from his recent collision at first. Probably the best move for the Yankees , one of the oldest teams in the game. Sheffield will allways be linked to Bonds and Steroids even though he gets somewhat of a pass compared to Bonds. Even so , when healthy, Sheffield is still one of the best hitters in the game. I just cant take his constant complaining. When he comes out complaining about money and comparing his salary to ARod's and Jeter's, I just cant take it. The Yankees have enough firepower to stay right there while Sheff can heal up for later in the year.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Bye Bye Zambrano

On saturday, Met Victor Zambrano left the game in the 2nd inning. However this time it was not after giving up a ton of runs. It was midway in the 2nd and he just ran off the mound in the middle of the inning. He actually was pitching a good game up to that point too. Turns out Zambrano has been playing with a bad elbow for all of his time in NY. Basically , the Mets traded for damaged goods. There was probably a big party down in Tampa the day this trade went through. Zambrano said that he has been trying to live up to the fans expectations since he got here. NY can be a tough place to play but if you just work hard and execute, the fans in NY will make you a king. Ive seen many a good player fail in NY over the years. Zambrano can go on a Met list with players like Rojas,Vaughn,Alomar and others too. Players that never lived up to the hype in coming to the Big Apple. Zambrano tore his elbow pretty good and is out for the year. Looks like we have seen the last of him in Flushing. This is one trade the Mets are going to regret for years to come.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Tonight Barry hit #713 off of the Phillies Jon Leiber. One more to go to tie the Babe. 42 to go to tie Aaron. Im starting to think Barry will be #1 when its all said and done. If he can just stay healthy this year. Put a little distance on the Babe. Then go for the record next season without having to play all the time. A few bombs like tonight in Philly and Bonds might even have it in him to chase the ghosts this year. Hes gonna get boos on the road. And its a fans right to boo. I even think the signs are funny too. There were haters out there when Aaron went after the Babe. Haters out there when Marris went after Babe . And the haters are out in full force as Bonds goes after Ruth. Personaly Im ready to sit back and enjoy something we wont see again in our lifetime!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Nat's Fetch 450$ mil

 The Washington Nationals will finally be sold. MLB picked real estate developer Theodore Lerner and his family (sons) to get the right to own the Nationals. The Nationals, who play in D.C. , are the one time Montreal Expos. The team should do well in the years to come down in DC. Definatly better than they did in Canada in recent years. MLB who owns the team now will get a nice 450$ mil. A nice return on there original 120$ mil investment back in 2002.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Barry did it again. The old man is starting to get his swing back. Today he hit #712 over the fence. 2 more to go to catch the Babe. After that its about distance. How far he can put the Bambino behind him. There will be no talk of Aaron this year, but who knows, maybee Bonds can make it for one more year and do what most people dont want to see him do. Id love to see the record go down regardless of steroids.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Best Rivalry In Sports

    Tonight starts the first Yankees - Red Sox series. A short two game series up in Boston. This year the two teams play alot in May. The games are allways better in the fall, but anytime these two teams get together there are sure to be a few fireworks.  Tonight its Wang vs. Wakefield (who allways gives the Yanks trouble). Tomorrow night its Chacon vs. Beckett. Beckett's first time pitching in this rivalry. This is the best rivalry in sports and most of the time, its the fans who are the winners.