Friday, April 14, 2006

Lets Move On

A federal grand jury is now investigating and considering if Barry Bonds lied in his testimony about the BALCO case. Seems like this is just a little backlash to the book 'Game of Shadows' that has recently come out. The book basically spells out Bonds past steroid use. We know Canseco was right in his book so we must figure this book must be somewhat close to the truth. As for the grand jury, well they dont like when someone lies. Thats a big crime that even president Clinton had trouble with. All in all , we should just let this steroid stuff go. Except the policy MLB has and move on. The only way Bonds will get convicted by a grand jury is if Conte or Anderson goes up there and talks about Bonds directly. Conte wont do that and he's allready said he had no contact with Bonds. Anderson probably wont roll over either. He has been a longtime friend of Bonds and employed by Bonds for years... Can we move on and enjoy the game ......


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