Thursday, April 20, 2006

Is K - Rod ok ???

I was watching the Twins-Angels game last night and saw K Rod come in for the ninth. Now Im on the east coast so alot of the west coast games start late for me. LAst night the game was in Minnesota. So Im was all ready to see Rodriguez come in to close it down with a quick save. Instead it was a long , painfull showing. Giving up walks including walking in a run to tie the game up. I couldnt help thinking while watching that KRod doesnt seem the same as in the past. Maybee its just early season bugs, trying to get in a groove after not having a full year last season. Maybee he just had a bad night.. Whatever the case may be, the Angels are going nowhere without Rodriguez coming out in the ninth. Guys like Shields and Donnelly can fill in for a while but its a long year.. AS of today Frankie Rodriguez has an ERA of 6.75 with 4 saves. But only 6 strikeouts !


Blogger Don Bean said...

Looks like it just may have been a bad day for K Rod yesterday after all. He bounced back today with a nice 5 out save.

6:02 PM  

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